Women's Cross Country

Maisie Merz '21, Women's Cross Country

Maisie Merz '21, Women's Cross Country

Why Hamilton? I love the location and beauty of Hamilton's campus as well as the open curriculum Hamilton offers. I could imagine the beauty of running through upstate New York in the fall.

Favorite Past Sports Memory: My favorite past sports memory was running my first track race, it was a 1500m and I went into it without any expectations. I loved the rush of the race and the strategy and the feeling of pushing past where you thought you could. It made me appreciate not just running but racing.

Who is your role model and what's their relationship to you? My role model is my best friend Dana because she is always pushing me to try new things. She throws her entire self into everything she does, she is always ready to take on a new challenge, and she stretches the limits of her comfort zone, as well as mine. She makes things happen for herself with her determination and she is always looking out for and caring for others.

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