Women's Track & Field

Liza Greene '22, Women's Track & Field

Liza Greene '22, Women's Track & Field

Why Hamilton?: As someone who has no idea what they want to do when they grow up, Hamilton’s open curriculum, liberal arts opportunities and motto of knowing thyself instantly attracted me during my college search. When I went to visit the campus, I found myself feeling so comfortable when I first stepped on Hamilton’s campus on a rainy day, despite all of the the intimidating stories I had heard of eastern weather. On top of that, the welcoming student body, faculty, and people of Clinton made me feel immediately welcomed and I knew that I wanted Hamilton to be my new home.

Favorite Past Sports Memory: I feel like running has brought me so many incredible memories over the past four years and I know the next four will bring even more. One moment that I will hold onto forever was the moment I crossed my last finish line on a high school track this past spring. As I was exiting the finish corral I was welcomed by my whole family, my coaches, and my teammates that had got me to that point. I felt so lucky to have so many incredible people by my side and so grateful to running for bringing them to me.

Who is your role model?: I have two older sisters and they have both become my biggest role models. They are two very different individuals but I feel like they have both shaped the person I am today and I am always grateful for the moments we get to spend together.

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