Women's Swimming & Diving

Sarah Pickup '19, Women's Swimming & Diving

Sarah Pickup '19, Women's Swimming & Diving

Why Hamilton? I chose Hamilton because I loved small community and the close relationships that you can form with your teachers. Everyone at Hamilton was so welcoming when I got on campus and people genuinely want to support you and be your friend here. Hamilton gives you the opportunity to study what you love, do what you love, and be whoever you want to me.

Favorite Past Sports Memory: My favorite memory from diving was when I broke the record at my high school for six dives in 2015. I had worked so hard and it had been my goal since I started diving and when I finished my last dive and saw that I had broken the record it was the best feeling in the world.

Who is your role model and what's their relationship to you? My older brother, Brian, is definitely my role model. He always pushes himself to be the best, no matter what, and it is truly inspiring to watch his hard work pay off.

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