Women's Rowing

Hamilton women row in 53rd Head of the Charles

Hamilton rows in the women's collegiate eights at the 2017 Head of the Charles.
Hamilton rows in the women's collegiate eights at the 2017 Head of the Charles.

Hamilton College rowed in the women's collegiate eights and the women's collegiate fours at the 2017 Head of the Charles on the Charles River in Cambridge, Mass., on Sunday afternoon.

Hamilton finished in 10th place out of 26 crews in the collegiate eights with a time of 16:47.873. Bates College captured the gold medal with a time of 16:01.182. The Continentals finished fourth out of seven NESCAC schools entered in the race.

"I was excited for them to finish 10th, especially having started in 23rd position out of 26 crews," head coach Rob Weber said. "The first half of the field starts in order based on last year's finish order, with the second half being crews who entered through the lottery and who start in random order. So starting that far back can put a crew in a position of having to pass slower crews and potentially get caught in traffic, which is exactly what happened to us.

"It's a lot like what can happen in a horse race. We were boxed in for much of the race, but being able to finish as high as 10th regardless of that is evidence that we're a pretty good crew and is a testament to Rachel Sutor's skills in the coxswain seat -- she's becoming a very good coxswain. This was her first HOCR and she steered a great race, keeping the crew out of harm's way, and particularly in the last few hundred meters as she powered up the crew and threaded a needle between two other boats to get the inside of the final turn."

Hamilton ended up 21st out of 36 crews in the collegiate fours with a time of 19:24.093. The University of New Hampshire claimed the top spot in 18:20.141. 

"Our women's four missed a guaranteed entry for next year by about a second, which is a tough result to swallow," Weber said. "But they were at the other extreme, racing most of the course with no boats around them, making it a real challenge to maintain intensity. But when you consider that nearly all of the crews that beat them were from programs that did not have an eight racing -- making those crews their teams' priority boat -- we showed how competitive we are. I'm looking forward to seeing what our two eights can do this weekend at Head of the Schuylkill."

The Head of the Schuylkill is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 28 in Philadelphia.


Rachel Sutor '20
Ann-Sophie Koglin '20
Perrin Salewood '21
Claire Callahan '18
Danielle Schuman '19
Rachel Cooley '18
Marijke Rowse '21
Alexandra Brantl '18
Jade Thomas '20

Rileigh Arrington '21
Samantha Benevelli '18
Ellie Pinto '18
Katherine Buckley '21
Elizabeth Foot '20