Women's Basketball

Ellie Silk '22, Women's Basketball

Ellie Silk '22, Women's Basketball

Why Hamilton?: I loved how I felt when I walked around the Hamilton campus. I felt that I would fit in perfectly with the student body and would be able to make a great group of friends. I also loved that there were so many course options for such as small school. In comparison to other small liberal arts schools that I had visited, Hamilton offered me the most in the topics that I was interested in.

Favorite Past Sports Memory: My favorite sports memory was before one of my high school basketball games. As both teams were lined up to hear the national anthem play from the loudspeaker, we were surprised to hear that the speaker was only able to make out a couple of squeaks. Instead of waiting for a new speaker, both teams and the crowd joined in to sing the anthem. It really helped pump me up for the game and actually helped all my teammates in their performance.

Who is your role model?: My role model is my mother. She has always played a major role in my life by always being there for me through the ups and downs of growing up. She created her own path growing up by becoming a mogul in the design industry, working as a buyer for Macy's and traveling around the world. She was able to pursue all her dreams before having a child, which was very uncommon for a woman in her day and age. She set a precedent for future generations of women and showed that you can have both a career and a child, without having to chose one over the other.


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