Men's rowing races in National Invitational Rowing Championships

Photo by Josh McKee
Photo by Josh McKee

The Hamilton College Continentals advanced to the petite final in three races at the 2019 National Invitational Rowing Championships (NIRC) on Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, Massachusetts, on Sunday.

Hamilton's varsity 8 finished fourth in its heat with a time of 6:18.666 and went on to land in fourth place in the petite final in 6:13.564. The Continentals were one of four NESCAC boats in the race as Wesleyan University took the top spot in 6:06.668, Tufts University was runner-up (6:09.644), and Williams College was third (6:11.972). Hamilton edged Worcester Polytechnic Institute (6:14.716) and Ithaca College (6:15.268). The University of Michigan won the Continentals' varsity 8 heat with a time of 6:06.22.

"In the afternoon all our boats went out with a lot of energy," head coach Jim Lister said. "The rowers know this is the last time you get to row with your crew. The varsity 8 built on the success from last week's second place finish at the New York State Championships. Our eight not only kept in front of Ithaca but they were also able to overcome an early-season loss to WPI by edging past them in the last 500 meters. The confidence grew with every race this year."

Sunday's event doubled as the NESCAC championship and Hamilton ended up in sixth place out of the seven conference teams that entered a boat in the varsity 8.

"NIRC is our opportunity to row our fastest race of the year," Lister said. "We didn't expect to be competing in 40-degree rainy weather that lasted all day. Our team handled the conditions really well. It's a long day when you have to race twice in the rain. Although the weather was not very pleasant, we were grateful to celebrate Mother's Day with many of the team's parents coming to town for the races. Thank you for all your continued support at all our races this spring."

The Continentals also finished fourth in the second varsity 8 petite final with a time of 6:28.316. Wesleyan (6:18.252) edged Ithaca (6:18.652) for first place and Colby College was third (6:22.644). Tufts wound up in fifth place (6:30.492) and Rochester Institute of Technology was sixth (6:37.356). Hamilton's time in the second varsity heat was slightly faster at 6:25.018, and that heat was won by Boston College with a time of 6:11.604.

"The 2V8 competed well in their petite final with a strong field of NESCAC schools including Wesleyan, Colby and Tufts," Lister said. "We hope we can race more teams next year in our conference. It's a fast conference and it will be important to race them more often."

In the third varsity 8 the Continentals finished fifth in both their heat (6:49.909) and the petite final (6:46.776). Marist College won Hamilton's heat in 6:18.273 and Michigan's 'B' entry grabbed first place in the petite final with a time of 6:28.016. Tufts was runner-up (6:32.664), RIT took third place (6:35.676) and Worcester Polytechnic Institute was fourth (6:41.856). "Racing a 3V8 for the first time in program history was a great achievement," Lister said. "Having more guys experience this level of racing will be important to our future."

"As the new head coach with three-and-a-half months with the team, I am fortunate to work with rowers and coxswains who work really hard. The team takes tremendous ownership and works closely together. I will greatly miss our four seniors, Grant, Trent, Vicky and Danielle. Their leadership will be missed. I am also really lucky to have this young team return next year along with all of our new first-year rowers."


Varsity 8
Haley Raphael '20 (cox)
Grant Kiefaber '19
Trent Pfeiffer '19
Eric Fischer '20
Thomas Marsh '20
Will Grimes '21
Andrew Vorrath '20
Nick Wilkins '22
Josh Hollenberg '21

Second Varsity 8
Rileigh Arrington '21 (cox)
John Burt '22
Joel Harper '21
James Cho '22
Philip Gow '21
Fred Pollevick '20
Jarod Estacio '21
Leo Ross '21
Jon Jobling '20

Novice 8
Sami Brown '22 (cox)
Blake Wintermute '22
Ben Grummon '22
Mike Buttarazzi '22
Kyle Clark '22
Devin Mendelson '22
EthanKent Tse '22
Chris Tolan '22
Thomas Stucke '22