NESCAC announces student-athlete voting challenge

NESCAC announces student-athlete voting challenge

NESCAC institutions have partnered with the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge for a NESCAC Votes initiative. The NESCAC Votes initiative seeks to inform and increase civic engagement and share non-partisan voter registration tools and resources in advance of Election Day on November 3.

The NESCAC athletic directors have committed to designate Nov. 3 as a day off from athletic activity to support students in their ability to vote on Election Day and to be involved in the democratic process.

As part of the NESCAC Votes initiative, each institution's student-athlete advisory committee and student-athletes of color council will conduct a NESCAC Student-Athlete Voting Challenge.

The challenge is aimed at getting 100 percent eligible student-athlete voter turnout on every NESCAC campus. The competition will be measured by how many student-athletes Take the Pledge to vote. Each time a student-athlete pledges to vote, their participation will be included on a leaderboard that will display how many students at each institution have pledged to vote.

"Part of the college experience is growing as a person and figuring out how citizens can impact their future," NESCAC SAAC Chair and Hamilton College women's swimming and diving team member Julia Martin '21, said. "Exercising your right to vote is a way to be an active citizen and have an impact at the local, state and national level. The decision by the NESCAC Athletic Directors to suspend athletic activities on Election Day demonstrates the importance they, and the conference as a whole, place on civic engagement by student-athletes."

"Civic engagement and political participation is critical at this point in our lives because we are now stakeholders in what our future looks like," President of Hamilton's Athletes of Color Initiative Kayla Glemaud '21, said. Glemaud is also a member of the Hamilton women's basketball team. "We must exercise the power to amplify our voices and advocate for our personal and collective truths."

"Student-athletes are seen as leaders on campuses," added Martin. "The NESCAC Student-Athlete Voting Challenge is aimed at having 100 percent voting participation among student-athletes. This is one way we can participate in the democratic process and shape our future."

Members of both student-athlete groups are also working with campus organizations and the general student body to increase awareness, voter registration and voter turnout at each institution.