Sage Rink-Delaney Team Center

Photo by Josh McKee
Photo by Josh McKee

The nation’s second-oldest college ice arena is the home of Hamilton’s men’s and women’s hockey teams. Named for Russell Sage -- the financier and railroad magnate whose widow included Hamilton among numerous philanthropic causes -- it was constructed in 1921 and restored and renovated in memory of Albert Ira Prettyman and George Joseph Batt in 1993.

The rink seats 600 and has been the site of ECAC and NESCAC playoff games. The Continentals have called the venerable facility home for more than 90 years.

The Delaney Team Center, a 5,100-square-foot addition to Sage Rink, was dedicated in the summer of 2015 and named for charter trustee Robert V. Delaney ’79 and his wife Pamela Craig. The facility includes four team rooms (locker rooms used by the men’s and women’s soccer and football teams during the fall, the men’s and women’s hockey teams in the winter and the softball and men’s and women’s lacrosse teams for the spring); the Choate Family Sports Medicine Center; laundry room; and an equipment enclosure.

Named features of the Sage Rink & Delaney Team Center

Little Team Room (benefactor: Claudia & Jeff ’71 Little P’04)
Jones Team Room (named for Don Jones)
Chiller Equipment Room (named for A. Bartlett Searon)
Choate Family Sports Medicine Center (benefactor: Mary Ann and Tobey Choate P’12 & Sam Choate)
Porges Family Team Room (benefactors: Leigh & Randy Porges P’07; ’09; named in honor of John ’07, Maggie ’09 and Freddie ’14 Porges)
Sage Rink Press Box (named for Phyllis D. Robinson)
Sage Rink Locker Room (benefactor: Anne Bighan K’78 Hutchins and John Hutchins ’75)
Skate-Sharpening Room (named for Harvey C. Kowles III ’73)