Women's Basketball

Samantha Srinivasan '18, Women's Basketball

Samantha Srinivasan '18, Women's Basketball

Why Hamilton? Hamilton is an incredible school with a fantastic athletics program. I ultimately chose Hamilton because of the people. Hamilton has a tight-knit community that fosters individual growth and creates life-long relationships. 

Favorite Past Sports Memory: My senior year of high school, our basketball team made it to the sectional tournament for the first time in over 10 years. This was an amazing experience because not only did we make history in our program but we also got to play on the big stage in the County Center.

Who is your role model and what's their relationship to you? My parents are my role models because they are both indredibly determined and motivated people. They relentlessly go after what they want and inspire me to to do the same. They help me to understand that failure is ok because it creates success.

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