Men's Swimming & Diving

Chris Klein '18, Men's Swimming & Diving

Chris Klein '18, Men's Swimming & Diving

Why Hamilton? I chose Hamilton because I wanted to, as Andrew Jillings would say, "be uncomfortable." I knew that Hamilton would challenge me academically, offer the opportunity to explore new interests and allow me to learn something new.

Favorite Past Sports Memory: When they are close, I argue that distance races in this sport are the most fun to watch. Athletes are racing neck and neck for an extended period of time, and neither is willing to give up. My senior year of high school, in what I thought would be the last meet of my swimming career, ended with one of those races in the 500 free. I usually feel good after a high-effort race and even better when I hit a best time, but there is something special about winning a five-minute race by less than a tenth of a second.

Who is your role model and what's their relationship to you? I do not have a singular role model, but my role models are my teammates. Between practices, classes, and outside organizations, being a student-athlete at this level is not easy. But it take a special group of people to have the work-ethic and dedication that they do, and put in their maximum amount of effort each and every day. They make me a better person.

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